Hey, I am Shivang and I’m a Computer Science bachelor’s student. I’ve been flying from one domain to another in Tech since the last 2 years of my college. Considering the decent number of things I’ve tried doing, let me walk you through my journey trying to find my magic island.

Note : You’ll Still Probably Have to find your island yourself

The Crazy Web

Initially, I started off with Some Basic HTML and CSS, like most of the people I know. In the Freshman year with no background of Computer Science at all, in all honesty, writing HTML and then seeing something in the browser feels amazing.

Then came in the superpower to add design to the dullness of white and black, “CSS”. There are so many cool things one can do with the discovery of CSS.

Want a border? No problem. Need a background for your Web page? You’ve got the right programmer mate. I can do it for ya’. And there comes the feeling everyone successful has always been talking about.
So, I dive deeper.

JavaScript is the next stop on the dream island express. Then I read online you can make JS shorter and efficient using JQuery. Next Stop Set.
Then the discovery of JS Frameworks is made. AngularJS, KnockoutJS, VueJS, but then eventually it all became dull. It was all about making a web service.


After the failed attempt at being a kickass Front-End developer, it was time to find something new, something even more exciting.

Next Stop : Cryptography and Computer Networks
Result : Not my thing
Next Stop : iOS Development
Result : Not my thing
Next Stop : Android Development
Result : Gradle Build Failed (Also, not my thing)


So, After 4 attempts at different domains, it was about time I took a break. A very productive advice to you mate is that when you can’t find answers, stop looking for them.
I started traveling, and I traveled a lot. Do anything and everything that helps you introspect and ask yourself what do you want and forget what is being expected of you while thinking.
I took a lovely 7 months off from any programming or serious work apart from college curriculum.


For those of you who are Potterheads (more or less at least you’ll get the reference), you understand more than anyone what significance this platform has. Finally, I started off the second half of my Junior Year at University and decided to give programming one last try.
Currently, I am onto Machine Leaning/ Deep Learning and there is no doubt about it that I hate maths, but the questions which were in my mind that where in the world will we be using integrations and differential equations have now come to an end. So far this is going well for me and I think I might have found the Magic Island.



Like I said above, when you can’t find answers, stop looking for them. For me, after a point, the question changed from “What do I want?” to
“What do I not want?”
So, Introspect and just keep on removing things from the list which you think you want and you’ll land somewhere good if not great. Cut some more things off and probably do nothing and sleep(still, the best thing to do) but on a serious note, make sure you fail forward.
Don’t get stuck at the fact that you spent a year trying to learn something and then you found out it was not THE thing for you rather be happy you found out early and change the highway.


Making and Breaking things. Navigating Realms of JavaScript.

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